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If you ask us which bike we had the most fun on in the last few years, the answer would be clear: The ION-G16! With this bike we were able to discover how much unused potential can be activated in one go by our revolutionary GEOLUTION geometry. No matter whether it is about fighting for fractions of a second in the enduro stages or mastering ever steeper and more technical descents. Because we have taken the liberty of thinking laterally and questioning the state of the art, the ION-G16 is just as much an enduro race bike as a freerider. Paradoxical as it may sound, the ION-G16 is also one of the most potent bikes in its class uphill. A pioneer in steering dynamics and suspension performance, the ION-G16 is a bike that makes beginners and professionals alike faster.

Rock Shox Monarch Plus RC3 DB

Good damping must not fail even on rocky terrain and after steep descents.

The Monarch Plus’s enormous suppleness increases traction and gives you more control on any terrain – all in an extremely light but bomb-proof package. The proven Rapid Recovery, DebonAir and Solo Air technologies are standard equipment for this lightweight with great penetrating power. The Monarch Plus now has twice the rebound range, allowing you to ride on terrain that previously seemed insurmountable with a short and medium travel air spring.

RockShox Lyrik RCT3 170mm

Comfort and safety with maximum pedalling efficiency.

The new lyric features Charger 2 damping, which reduces overall weight, improves response and traction on small impacts, and reduces the effort required to turn the knobs and determine the best setting for the terrain. And because today’s enduro riders demand maximum pedalling efficiency, the lyrics are compatible with remote controls, allowing the pressure level to be set while riding. The RockShox Poetry RCT3 is equipped with the new DebonAir technology. DebonAir is a further development of the SoloAir air chamber. An enlarged negative air chamber results in improved response and a more linear spring characteristic.

DT Swiss EX 1501 30mm BOOST 27,5"

Unsurpassed weight to strength ratio.

The Enduro version of the SPLINE® ONE line is available with 30 mm rim width. The larger internal width increases the tyre volume with the same tyre width, which improves traction and comfort. The specifically developed surface hardening process allows an unsurpassed ratio of weight to strength and makes the EX 1501 SPLINE® ONE the perfect enduro wheel.

X01 Eagle Boost 170mm

More stable - stiffer - lighter

The X01 Eagle™ crankset was developed for winner types. It is completely revised. With the special CARBON TUNED™ laminate technology. The X01 Eagle™ crank is tough when you’re chasing over rough and tumble on the ideal line. The X01 Eagle™ is the strongest, stiffest and lightest crank on the market. With its new Eagle™ Direct Mount chainrings, it is perfect for taking the podium. Providing you want it.

Sram X01 Eagle

The next level.

The new Eagle™ rear derailleur not only has a larger capacity; it is also the next stage of the proven X-HORIZON™ technology specially developed for 1x circuits. The larger, lower X-SYNC™ shifting roller with 14 teeth ensures sufficient capacity to handle the cassette with sprockets from 10 to 50 teeth. The design of the rear derailleur is nevertheless compact. It also ensures that you always pedal evenly. Its torque curve is even smoother thanks to the new Type-3 ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™, so that shifting is quieter and “rounder”.

Magura MT5

German Engineering for maximum safety.

Proven 4-piston technology from motorcycle racing, adapted for bike use promises maximum braking power. Braking power combined with ergonomics results in a performance package with which you can confidently tackle any trail, any difficult terrain with infinite serenity. The aluminium brake levers are ergonomically located on the hand and allow easy and precise control of the braking power even during long braking processes. The use of Carbotecture® technology in the brake handle housing helps the MT5 to light weight with top braking performance.


“We don’t care about trends! All that matters is lap times, driving pleasure, safety and the physical facts.” This quote from Kalle Nicolai describes Nicolai’s approach to the development of new mountain bikes. This mission statement has made NICOLAI one of the most innovative bicycle companies in terms of chassis performance, steering dynamics and geometry.





RockShox Lyrik RC3 170mm, SA, BOOST, diffusion black, 27,5"

Rear shock

Rock Shox Monarch Plus RC3 DB, 216x63mm


DT Swiss EX 1501 30mm, BOOST, 27,5"

front tires

Continental Der Baron 2.4 Projekt ProTection Apex 27.5"

rear tires

Continental Mountain King II 2.4 ProTection 27.5"


Magura MT5, 2 Finger- Bremshebel

brake discs

203/ 180 mm


Sram X01 Eagle BOOST, 170mm, 34 T schwarz

inner bearings


chain guide

Universal Transmission Bio-Bike Chainguide


Sram CN-X-01 Eagle


Sram XG 1295 Eagle 10-50T, 12- fach

Rear derailleur

Sram X01 Eagle, 12- fach


Sram X01 Eagle, 12- fach


Cane Creek Forty


Nicolai MTB 35mm


Renthal Fatbar 780x20mm Rise


Ergon GE1 Slim, schwarz


Bikeyoke Revive 2.0 160mm


Ergon SMA30 Comp, Stealth

seatpost clamp

Hope QR


13 kg


100% Handmade

All NICOLAI frames are manufactured in Germany. This is the only way to ensure our high quality standards in the long term.


Test rides can be done anywhere in Germany. Try it!


From the date of purchase you get 5 years warranty. We also ensure a ten-year supply of spare parts.