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When we first transferred the GEOLUTION concept to 29er Trailbikes with the first prototype of the ION-G13, we broke new ground. Soon the concerns turned into pure enthusiasm. The ION-G13 can do more than you might think at first glance – uphill as well as downhill. Basically, the ION-G13 is a trail bike that lets you heat over your home trails and enjoy long trail tours… but there’s more. Thanks to its progressive GEOLUTION geometry, the ION-G13 takes you uphill even when other bikes are already at their limits. And downhill you take even the steepest passages with a subjective safety like you have never experienced before. The ION-G13 is a bike with an incredibly wide range of use – from the classic tour to the aggressive all-mountain. The ION-G13 is the bike we ride every day on our own trails.



We design a unique jig for every model and frame size. The tubes and machined components are turned and milled as necessary and then mounted in the jig, fitting perfectly together. Then, these parts are tacked together by spot welding. The frame is then welded in several passes by TIG (tungsten inert gas) to reduce distortion. By reducing the distortion as much as possible it improves the alignment of the frame. Our flat, fish-scale welds are time-consuming but ensure that the material is properly fused, improving strength.



The rear triangle of a full suspension bike is not a statically rigid component and is exposed to extreme loads during driving. Critical points are the ball bearings, which ensure low breakaway torque and optimum response of the chassis. In order to extend the maintenance intervals of the frame, Nicolai products rely exclusively on full complement, double-sealed ball bearings.

Topology optimized structure

A bicycle frame and its components are exposed to extreme forces during use. In order to develop a durable, robust but also lightweight bicycle frame, all components are designed at NICOLAI GmbH using topology optimization.



With a NICOLAI frame, you decide the design. Every Nicolai frame can be produced in any colour according to your preferences. Choose from different frame colours, anodised colours for reversing levers and pull holders as well as frame decor to add your individual touch to the frame.


Rear Aligning Dropout

So that you can hit every lane on the trail, we mount a form-fit sliding, exchangeable dropout for track and camber adjustment on all frames. Due to the differently milled, right dropouts for adjusting the lintel, the rear only needs to be slightly readjusted after installation. This takes the strain off the material. The respective lintel height is milled into the RADO with the digits 0, 1, 2 or -1 and -2. After the toe and camber have been set, the RADO is fixed ex works with a pin. This makes the original setting easily reproducible during replacement. This is the only way we can guarantee that NICOLAI products work precisely on the track.


The right setting for every trail

With the ET-Key, the range of application of the frame can be adjusted in a few easy steps. The ET-KEY changes the kinematically active length of the compression strut. With the models ION-G13, ION-G15 and ION-G19 you can adjust the steering angle and the bottom bracket height, e.g. for a visit to the bike park or a steeper trail. With an ION-G16, the shock absorber length can be adjusted via the ET KEY and thus the spring travel can be changed. The damper length/stroke can be changed from 216x63mm to 222x70mm. As a customer you can fully rely on the performance of your Nicolai frame. In the depth of the technology we do our homework and with the introduction of the ET-KEYS we have introduced a robust and simple adjustment technology.



You can order, pay for and pick up your tailor made frame directly from us or from your Nicolai dealer. For technical details, please contact us directly. First we need to know why you want to ride a custom-made frame. Most of the reasons lie in the past.


The MUTATOR is a newly developed component on the rear swing arm, which combines many functions in a single component:

The mutators are available in different lengths. In this way, only by replacing a mutator can the length of the swingarm “grow with” the frame height according to our GEOLUTION concept. The rear suspension length of the EBOXX E-MTB can also be varied according to customer preference.


The manufacturing quality itself is not yet an added value for a customer. The following two added values result from production quality:

Durability & precise driving characteristics
Only if the welds are welded deep into the root and have no notches, a bike frame can withstand the impacts from the ground for many years without breaking. Precise riding characteristics are achieved when the rear wheel is precisely straight to the front wheel and even a layman notices that an oblique bike rides strangely (but usually he thinks it’s because of his riding ability).


“We don’t care about trends! All that matters is lap times, driving pleasure, safety and the physical facts.” This quote from Kalle Nicolai describes Nicolai’s approach to the development of new mountain bikes. This mission statement has made NICOLAI one of the most innovative bicycle companies in terms of chassis performance, steering dynamics and geometry.


If after a few years of hard work a bearing on a Nicolai frame needs to be replaced, a RADO needs to be replaced due to a fall or a frame needs a new coating, the NICOLAI service staff is the right contact. Since we at NICOLAI manufacture all small parts on our machines, we can also produce spare parts for older models if required. We therefore guarantee spare parts availability of at least 10 years for all Nicolai products.





130 mm


3,38kg (size M, factory raw, without shock)

wheel size



5 years


100% Handmade

All NICOLAI frames are manufactured in Germany. This is the only way to ensure our high quality standards in the long term.


Test rides can be done anywhere in Germany. Try it!

Home service

Unique. Any damage will be repaired at your home. No more visits to the workshop.


From the date of purchase you get 5 years warranty. We also ensure a ten-year supply of spare parts.