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The all-purpose weapon

The Saturn 16 is the latest all-purpose weapon from the NICOLAI home. A lightweight enduro bike with excellent all-round characteristics, a maximum range of application, tuning and setup potential. The Saturn 16 crowns the traditional NICOLAI Saturn series, whose common layout is the classic Horst-Link, four-bar rear triangle, with the vertically mounted shock. The Saturn 16 differentiates itself from the manufacturer’s long and slack G-Series, as it’s not designed as a pure enduro racing machine, but can cover a much wider range of uses.


More speed, more fun

The roots of the Geolution concept lie in enduro racing, and even if trends in frame geometries are slowly approaching a similar concept, Geolution can still be seen as a radical design in which performance is top priority. But not all of our customers also put the emphasis here or strive for the top steps at enduro races. 


Adapter for geometry tuning and for adaptation to 27.5 or 29 inch wheels

The mounted adapters on the bearing points of the rear triangle of our full-suspension frames we call mutators. Compression strut mutators allow the adaptation of the frame to the wheel sizes 27.5 or 29 inches by different lengths. They are also suitable for adjusting the steering angle and bottom bracket height in fine increments. Swingarm mutators, on the other hand, allow fine tuning of the chainstay length in terms of center of gravity , handling, maneuverability and smoothness.


14 mm or 21 mm

The Saturn 16 also offers a lot of freedom in the choice of the damper and the characteristics of the suspension. Only the damper installation length of 230 mm is fixed. Air or steel spring dampers with 60 or 65 mm stroke can be used, with resulting spring travels of 150 or 160 mm. To accommodate the different characteristics of these two types of shocks in terms of progression and characteristic curve, NICOLAI offers two different lower shock mounts for the Saturn 16. Their offset to the upper mount is either 21 mm with a moderately progressive linkage for air shocks – or 14 mm with a more progressive linkage for steel spring shocks. However, these are only recommendations. The customers always have the final say in tuning.

6 Frame sizes

Adaptive geometry and load-dependent modification

Most NICOLAI models are offered in 5 or even in 6 frame sizes, from XS to XXL. This provides customers between 1.55m and 2.10m with their perfect fit, a range that few other brands provide. A sizing chart for body and frame sizes can be found in our detailed Tech Sheets for each model. Building a perfectly fitting frame means much more than just extending it for each size. We take various factors into account here with regard to body proportions and rider weights, for example adapting tube cross-sections and thicknesses, modified geometry and particularly low standover heights for smaller sizes, or frame reinforcements that take into account higher weight and greater strength of XXL frame riders. Saddle position, stem height and shape, handlebar width and height serve to fine-tune geometry – albeit within a relatively limited range.

NICOLAI welding technology

Craftsmanship and engineering in perfection

We weld all of our frames by hand using the TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) method. Our specially trained welders have many years of experience, our lead welder has worked in-house for over 20 years. For each model and frame size we build a precise welding structure called the frame jig. In this jig, the CNC-cut tube sets are precisely assembled and fixed in place with all turned and milled parts of the frame to be welded. The frame components are first tacked together with individual spot welds at precise points in a defined sequence, and then, to minimize distortion and stresses, welded in several passes.

Bottle Cage

Attachment points for water bottles and accessories

Even though many riders now rely on hydration or hip packs, few want to do without the option of a bottle cage within the front triangle. For a clean look, we offer our customised magnetic FIDLOCK mount together with a NICOLAI 0.6L Twist bottle. The FIDLOCK mount allows intuitive release and engagement of the water bottle in both directions even while riding, plus it’s secured in the frame even on the wildest rides and hardest hits. For further mounting options, for example to attach small toolboxes, pumps or bags, the NICOLAI frame clamps from our accessories line are ideal.

Topology Optimization

Computer-aided design to optimize durability, function and weight

When designing turned and CNC milled parts, we use FEM software (Finite Element Method), which can be used to simulate the loads that will occur on the trail in order to determine the optimum shape (topology) of these components. Critical areas of the design become visible in this way and can be strengthened by adding material, or weight can be saved by removing material from low stress areas.

7020 Aluminum

Sustainable and durable, the stuff dreams are made of

We manufacture all NICOLAI frames from 7020-T6 aircraft aluminum and are convinced that this alloy is the superior material for mountain bike construction. Compared to the 6061-T6 (AlMg1SiCu) alloy normally used in bicycle construction, 7020-T6 (AlZn4.5Mg1) has about 30% higher tensile strength and about 20% higher elastic limit. Where carbon frames can spontaneously fail in the event of an overload, NICOLAI bikes are calculated and designed to deform in a safely defined area of the frame in the event of an overload, significantly reducing the risk of serious crashes and injuries. A NICOLAI aluminum frame is designed to withstand many years even under severe competition conditions.

Insert Bearings

Quadruple sealed full complement deep groove and angular contact ball bearings

The rear triangle of a full-suspension bike is subjected to very high dynamic loads during riding. The pivot points are the focal points where forces are transmitted between frame components. The full-ball, double-sealed ball bearings installed on our frames not only achieve top marks for power transmission, but also a particularly low breakaway torque, which ensures a sensitive and smooth chassis and suspension response. At the same time, they offer the best possible sealing against dirt and moisture for a long service life and extended maintenance intervals.


Drive-optimized and brake-neutral four-link rear suspension

Our suspension systems pursue the goal of combining competitive performance and maximum fun on the trail, as well as high pedaling efficiency by kinematically decoupling the rider’s movements from the work of the suspension. For this reason, we design our 4-bar link rear triangles according to the proven and timeless ‘Horst-Link’ principle. The Horst Link describes the pivot point that sits at the end of the chainstay and just in front of the rear axle which counteracts the shortening of the wheelbase during compression. Through years of racing experience and with the help of simulation software, we have succeeded in further optimizing and refining the Horst-Link technology on our bikes. In particular, this has allowed us to significantly improve the anti-squat (pedaling) characteristics of the suspension.


Rear Aligning Dropout

Our RADO dropouts guarantee perfect alignment between the front and rear wheels of the bike. Finalising the toe and camber of the rear wheel and fixing the RADO in an exact position means that every NICOLAI is always one hundred percent straight. Despite precise preparatory work, construction methods and the utmost care, any aluminum frame is subject to a certain amount of heat distortion during the welding process. Of course, after welding, each frame is straightened, precisely measured and the final alignment ensured. Instead of forcing the frame into alignment, the RADO can be precisely fixed in place with guided grooves and the choice of 5 different camber heights.


Made in Germany

A NICOLAI bike is instantly recognizable even if it is not branded. Its characteristic flat-scaled welds and machined aesthetics of the milled parts are unique. Nothing is sanded down or concealed. The industrial design language is not a goal in itself. It reflects the product’s development process, makes our design logic transparent and displays its properties and functions. This not only creates trust in the product, in its quality and durability, but also ensures a memorable brand within a constantly growing community. Handmade methods are not chosen for style and CNC machining is not used for mass production. We use each manufacturing technique in a specific manner so that the end result is always the best possible: a product into which we have poured all our resources, skills and passion and of which we are proud.

Extra Love

Powder and anodized colors, decors, customizing, individualization

Thanks to our own powder coating facility, local anodisers, and our in-house production line, every NICOLAI frame can be customized to meet your individual needs. We process over 50 powder coat colors applied in high-gloss or semi-gloss finish, as well as fades and our classic ‘camo’ options. Customers can even choose a separate color for each welded frame component. Our frames can also be anodized with a glass-peened and durable black, bronze or titanium finish. For turned or milled components such as rocker linkages, bearing covers, or cable guides, we offer an extended ‘Extra Love’ range of anodized colors that allow color matching with your favorite branded components. We also offer an uncoated aluminum finish as “factory raw”. To finish, add your choice of decal style, location, size and color to guarantee a unique, personalized and truly custom bike.


Optional dimensional frame construction and customization

With our regular frame sizes, we cover a very wide range of body sizes and can offer the vast majority of bikers a perfectly fitting bike. However, there are also people who cannot find their optimal geometry within the range of standard sizes and adjustment options because, for example, they are particularly short, have exceptionally long legs or have a medical restriction. Our complete in-house production means we can offer frames specifically to measure and anything up to custom electric-assist tandems, for example.

Warranty and Spare Parts

All NICOLAI frame models come with a 5-year warranty against breakage and material failure, even when used in extreme conditions like racing or jumping. The prerequisites are that the respective models are used within the scope of their designated purpose and have only been equipped with approved components. In addition, we guarantee supply of spare parts for all models for at least 10 years. Since we manufacture all frame components ourselves on our own machines, it is even possible to reproduce sold-out spare parts beyond the 10-year period in certain cases.

Bike Configurator

We offer the SATURN 16 as a custom build, where you can choose from various equipment and detail options via an online configurator and assemble the bike individually according to your own wishes and requirements.

Trade and distribution

NICOLAI frame kits and complete bikes are offered in Germany through our direct sales channel. We offer off the shelf models, or completely customized dream builds with a wide choice of components via our online configurator. Personal discussions and direct contact with customers are our top priority. Abroad, selected partners are available for sales. With our large test bike fleet, we regularly visit bike parks and trail centers around central Europe. Here, potential NICOLAI riders can extensively test our bikes after prior registration and receive individual advice. At the NICOLAI factory we have set up a showroom where all current models are on display. Here, you can also make appointments for personal consultations, test rides, buy bikes directly or pick up pre-ordered bikes.






Spring travel

150 | 160 mm


3.6 KG

Wheel sizes

29" | 27.5“ | Hybrid (29" + 27.5")


5 years



Test rides can be done anywhere in Germany. Try it!


From the date of purchase you get 5 years warranty. We also ensure a ten-year supply of spare parts.

100% Handmade

All NICOLAI frames are manufactured in Germany. This is the only way to ensure our high quality standards in the long term.