NC-1 Cargo

Bikes for transporting loads have been around for almost as long as the modern bicycle itself. However, in order to use them really efficiently, not only a lot of strength and effort, but usually a high level of self-motivation was also required. For a long time, cargo bikes were a niche product. Due to low sales figures, the interest of the industry also remained restrained, which in turn strongly slowed down innovations in this segment. The electrification of bicycles and the pedelec trend of recent years have brought with them widespread availability of powerful and reliable electric drive systems from established manufacturers. The use of this technology in cargo bikes now ensures that even a fully loaded bike can be moved safely and almost effortlessly over longer distances and uphill gradients, even by untrained people. This makes the cargo bike an attractive transport option in the local area and over medium distances. Taking the children to nursery school, a large shopping trip with crates of drinks, trade, crafts, couriers or delivery services – a powerful, high-quality e-load bike is now a real alternative to a car.

The NICOLAI NC-1 Cargo follows the same matter-of-fact technical design that distinguishes the manufacturer’s mountain bikes and makes them so unmistakable. It follows function, does without fashion, and thus achieves a timeless, industrial aesthetic. Decorative elements are in vain, except for the impressive, wide and evenly scaled weld seams. If you have a soft spot for craftsmanship and manufacturing quality, the NC-1 Cargo is a feast for your eyes. Elaborate milled parts, precision workmanship and innovative, detailed technical solutions provide an insight into the demanding manufacturing process of the frame and convey confidence in its construction. 

The geometry and frame design of the NC-1 allow for safe, comfortable and easy handling in all riding situations. The battery position under the load platform ensures a particularly low centre of gravity and thus excellent balance and handling. The steering geometry, i.e. steering angle, fork offset and caster, are designed so that the NC-1 runs smoothly and balanced even at very low speeds and is stable and secure on the road at high speeds. This riding stability is supported by an exceptionally torsionally stiff frame, which is essential especially for riding with heavy loads. Drawn aluminium rectangular tubes with large cross-sections are reinforced at neuralgic points by topology-optimised milled parts. A precise steering linkage with high-quality bearings ensures absolutely play-free steering. The steering ratio corresponds to that of a direct steering system, so that intuitive riding is possible on the NC-1 right from the start without a familiarisation phase. Two pairs of steering bump stops both on the headset and in the steering linkage prevent the steering from over rotating and offer additional safety. At the same time, however, they allow a maximum steering angle for a small turning circle and easy manoeuvring. The rear frame of the NC-1 allows an easy access point via a low welded-in top tube, thus benefiting at the same time from the additional stability and rigidity that a top tube construction offers over a pure low-entry design. 

The loading platform of the NICOLAI NC-1 Cargo is 70 x 50cm and lined with a waterproof coated, birch plywood loading plate. It is equipped with four parallel AIRLINE fastening rails in longitudinal direction. A wide range of accessories are available from NICOLAI for the AIRLINE system, with which every conceivable transport task can be solved: children’s cabins, dog baskets, transport boxes, lashing strap systems – you name it.

The NC-1 Cargo has a stable double kickstand with a wide footprint. It rests folded safely beneath the load area under spring tension, then can be conveniently unfolded via a foot pedal and can be locked in place with a cylinder lock. Since the NC-1 will not roll when it is jacked up on the stand, locking it provides effective theft protection. At the same time, the lock prevents the batteries from being pulled out. Additional digital anti-theft and tracking options are offered by the BOSCH drive technology of the NC-1 with the BOSCH Connect Module. For more info on the NC-1, check out the press release.


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NC-1 Prices 2022

NC1 Base pirce (texture black matt, enviolo manuell, 750Wh Battery)

7699.00 €

Derailleur ENVIOLO AutomatIQ

299.00 €

ROHLOFF Speedhub 500/14 manuell

1399.00 €

Second battery BOSCH PowerTube 750Wh

1049.00 €

Powder coating in desired color

299.00 €

Luggage carrier option/ RACKTIME LightIt

99.00 €

cluuv® transport tray for child transport

699.00 €

cluuv® rain cover

439.00 €

cluuv® child seat per piece

319.00 €

Panniers ORTLIEB Gravel Pack

130.00 €

Delivery within Germany

220.00 €

Delivery inside and outside EU

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