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25 plus 1 equals 26. And 26 is not actually an anniversary number. But in relation to mountain biking it has a special meaning: it all started with 26 inches. The big Nicolai book "FULL METAL - A Mountain Bike Technology Reference Book" is published 26 years after Leigh Donovan became downhill world champion on the first bike built by Kalle. With over 500 pages, the book illustrates the long journey from the start-up in her parents' garage to the modern, industrial production hall. It shows the development from the first fully functional bike to the brand-new 29er Enduro geometry, accompanies the leap from the analogue to the digital age, from the milling machine with manual control to the high-end CNC machine. FULL METAL tells the stories of the many people who, together with Nicolai, have achieved impressive sporting feats and celebrated memorable successes, from Elmar Keineke to Yvan Lapraz and Benoit Coulanges. And it brings us close to those people who, over the past 25+1 years, have used all their skill, ability and creativity to build ever better bikes and constantly push the limits of what is possible - and who are still far from reaching their goal.


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