ION G13 GPI /  #2660P
ARGON GLF / #2139

ION G13 GPI / #2660P



This bike is a 2019 test bike with usual wear marks. The bike is serviced before delivery.

Regular Price: €7,899.00

Special Price €5,999.00

Wheel size: 29"


Spring deflection: 130 mm


Weight: 16,5 kg


Warranty: 5 years






When we first transferred the GEOLUTION concept to 29er Trailbikes with the first prototype of the ION G13, we broke new ground. Soon the concerns turned into pure enthusiasm. The ION G13 can do more than you might think at first glance - uphill as well as downhill. Basically the ION G13 is a trail bike with which you can heat over your home trails and enjoy long trail tours... but there's more. Thanks to its progressive GEOLUTION geometry, the ION G13 takes you uphill even when other bikes are already at their limits. And downhill you take even the steepest passages with a subjective safety like you have never experienced before. The Ion G13 is a bike with an incredibly wide range of use - from the classic tour to the aggressive all-mountain. The ION G13 is the bike we want to ride every day on our own trails.



Colour: factory raw


Swing arm: factory raw


Strut left: factory raw


Strut right: factory raw


Extra Love: orange anodized


Decal: NICOLAI standard - orange metallic



Each complete wheel is supplied with an additional shift hange.



If you have any questions, please contact us personally


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